It's All About Tink (slave2tehtink) wrote in ncrefugees,
It's All About Tink

MOObash on Wheels!

OK kids, here's the deal.

13-30 May, Teeka and I (Maera/George Eliot/currently Cordelia) will be wandering the chunk of the nation between Charlotte, NC and LaCrosse, WI.

If you exist in this part of the world and would like a travelling mini-MOObash to visit you (complete with 2 large dogs)... Drop me a line! Current schedule is to be in the vicinity of Pittsburgh, PA by the evening of the 13th. After that we're turning west and heading for that Mecca of CyberSphere and Home of Legends, LaCrosse, WI. If you live between P'burgh and Lacrosse, hey, easy-peasy we'll hook up. Or if you would like to create a caravan to descend on the Historic Town Of MOOslackers, that's fine, too.

Just drop me a comment or what have you.
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