clonedagain (clonedagain) wrote in ncrefugees,

Not new, not old, but confused

Hey there, folks. I'm not an oldbie (not by any stretch) but I used to play Alisa on Cybersphere. I just started playing again, and I've been trying to get other people I know involved in the game.

But there's still a lot of in-game stuff that I know nothing about. For example, I've never actually used any of the Ahabs around anywhere besides KP and Janya (sad, innit?) how the hell do those others actually work? Well, actually I can say I've done an Oracle "job" once, but that's beside the point.

I really want to get involved in the game, but I have no way of creating a powerbase all by my lonesome. All I have to go on is the legends of previous characters.

I still remember the night that Asclepius got kidnapped by zombies, or when Graye (the char) let all that funky purple gas out of the reactor below the city, that was awesome (the Mortius Biosuit I got proved very useful for jacking cars too.)
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