Shawn "Agent" Orrange (agentorrange) wrote in ncrefugees,
Shawn "Agent" Orrange


First of all I apologise if you've seen this post more then once.


Halloween (aka the day that doesn't matter) is happening on CyberSphere again for the first time in a couple of years. For those of you who don't know it means precisely this:

[-] [1571]---From: Anguissette at Tue Oct 30 1:32pm 2037---
[-] Subj: Halloween Details
[-] It will begin on tomorrow morning whenever I wake up
[-] (probably around 9-10AM CST) and last for 24 hours after
[-] that time. I will make a copy of the database at that time
[-] and I or Taltos will restart the server 24 hours later
[-] with the copy I made -- so all actions in the 24 hour
[-] period will not be committed. It will be as if that day
[-] did not occur, so if you have rent to pay or a fixer bill
[-] due tomorrow pay it this evening.
[-] Generally we have some kind of general theme for the
[-] festivities, past such themes included: werewolves and
[-] zombies.
[-] I don't think I'll be around much so I hope it's up to the
[-] rest of the GMs to create some kind of theme and implement
[-] it.
[-] Of course all the usual stuff will occur, we will set the
[-] clone decant time down significently and throw out a bunch
[-] of items that aren't normally found.
[-] For this post I'll adopt a KFism:
[-] Game on.
[-] -------

So there ya go. A chance to log on and do whatever, this game has needed this release for a while. Please com and be a part of it if only for one day.
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